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Creators are using Eki to run their business their way; they are doing what they love and are being paid by the people who love their work the most. Join now and monetize your community.
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How Can Creators Make Money

Build a community around your content or product and turn your followers & audience to your community. It gives creators the chance to explore diverse ways of monetization.
Receive Tips

Supporting your hustle is now made easy when your community sends you tip on your content, on your profile, in your livestream, even in your DM.

Sell Digital Products

Sell digital products like ebooks, courses, videos and audio and get paid easily.

Get Paid Subscribers

Your fans, followers and community can access high quality content, behind the scenes and never seen before content for a fee because they love you.

Sell Custom Products

Create a product for your self like consulting, coaching, video calls, influencer services, shout outs and messages. your earnings are endless.

Paid Livestream Session

Organize an online event and sell ticket or entry fee for your community to watch. Showcase your performance, teach a webinar.

Sell Physical Products

Sell physical products & merch like clothes, shoes & many more directly to your customers and community and get paid easily.


Who says you can’t sell directly during a livestream? Bring your products to your livestream and sell more.

Affiliate Marketing

When you don’t have what to sell but can help others sell, you can earn by sharing their links. once payment goes through, you make your money.

Join Millions of Creators & Monetize Your Hustle

Get answers to common questions about Eki

What is Eki?

Eki is a content monetization platform for creators and business owners to monetize their content and products easily.

How does it work?

You can monetize your content (videos, photos etc.) and products by letting your fans subscribe to your page, pay directly for the content and receive tips too. You can offer paid or free livestream session for your content and receive tips and also sell your digital or physical products live with our live shopping feature.

How much can I earn with Eki?

Your earnings is completely up to you. You can set your Subscription prices & Tips, you keep 90% of everything earned. Eki keeps 10% for administrative purposes.

Will I pay to use Eki?

The app is FREE to join and use. we only take a commission off every transaction done on the platform. You must be 18 years old or older to use the platform.

Who can use Eki?

Anyone who wants to monetize their hustle can use Eki. From creators to every kind of business.

What are the prohibited contents/products on Eki?

  • Pornography or Contents encouraging or Depicting the sexual exploitation of children.
  • Buying, selling or facilitation of sales of illegal, non-medical or regulated drugs, contraband, weapons and counterfeit goods or documents.
  • Terrorists, extremists, hate speech, misinformation, and hate groups.

Please visit our Community Guidelines for more.

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