7 Reasons You Should Start an Online Business Today in Nigeria!

Let’s all agree that the struggle of being an entrepreneur in Nigeria can make even the toughest of us sink, ranging from  searching for a good shop location, NEPA wahala, endless bills, and fuel prices that could bring tears to your eyes.

Even when you finally get a shop, there’s rent, electricity, inventory, and taxes, staff salaries and to top it off, there are geographical limitations, you’re stuck in one place unable to reach out to potential customers.

How about the operating hours? They’re like the villain in your entrepreneurial story. You might be closed when your customers are finally ready to shop. Frustrating, right? Not just for you but for your customers too.

Then there’s the ultimate nightmare, something we never pray for, what if a fire razes your shop or the building collapses? That’s more “GOD ABEG” than anyone should say in a lifetime.

But here’s the plot twist: in 2020, while some persons were crying over spilled milk, others were sipping champagne digitally. Online businesses weren’t just surviving; they were thriving. So, for them there was no more struggle with unending bills to cover entrepreneur expenses. With an online business, they were in control.

Let’s face it; Nigeria is a tough nut to crack when it comes to entrepreneurship. Expenses everywhere, the exchange rate keeps skyrocketing, goods prices soaring like a kite, and for walk- in customers?, sometimes they’re as rare as snow. But I’m not here to add to your struggles, I’m here to show you a better way and it doesn’t involve staying up at night worrying about shop rent. In this blog post, we’ll be showing you why setting up an online business has become a game-changer for entrepreneurs. We’re also going to serve you a plate of hot opportunities on how to make more money as an entrepreneur online , whether you’ve got physical products ,digital products or a treasure chest of skills, It’s time to turn the tables on Naija’s entrepreneurial struggles.

Entrepreneurship Beyond Physical Products

Being an entrepreneur isn’t solely about having a physical shop filled with goods. The world of business is evolving, and it’s important to understand that as an entrepreneur, you have a spectrum of opportunities. You can sell digital products or offer your skills online.

  • Digital Products: Imagine sharing your passion for graphic design, cooking, writing, or photography. You can transform your expertise into digital products like e-books, templates, online courses, or software tools. These items can be delivered and accessed digitally, you can put them up for sale, and earn while helping others learn valuable skills or find solutions.
  • Skills and Expertise: Have a skill, knowledge, or insight that people seek? As an entrepreneur, you can offer your expertise as a service. From freelance writing to consulting on various subjects, your skills can become a valuable source of income. There’s always someone out there looking for what you know and ready to pay for it.

Whether you have a tangible product, digital product or a treasure chest of skills and knowledge, the entrepreneurial world is yours to explore. It’s not about what you have physically; it’s about how you can create value and income from your passions, insights, and talents.


Benefits of Setting up an Online Business

  • Lower Operational Costs

First, let’s talk money; you see, running a physical store means coughing up cash for rent, electricity, fuel, staff salaries, and a heap of other expenses. Those costs can make even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur cringe and make some businesses fold up.

But with an online business, you can cut back on some of those expenses. No more stress over the electricity bill skyrocketing or spending so much on fuel to keep your refrigerator running. No more wrangling with landlords over rent increment. No more staff calling in sick and leaving you to juggle everything yourself. Online, the operational costs tend to be way smaller. so you have more money to buy more goods which means more money!

  • Broaden Your Horizons

Think about it this way, a physical store is like a house with walls that don’t move. You’re stuck with whoever happens to pass by. With an online store, you’re practically turning your business into a digital jet. You can reach potential customers nationwide. Heck, you can even attract international attention, the world becomes your marketplace. Some entrepreneurs in Nigeria sell and deliver their products to customers in Dubai and The U.K. You too can be an entrepreneur who sells to other nationals when you set up an online business.

  • 24/7 Convenience

We all know the typical story, a customer works all day, rushes to the market to find their desired item but finds out it’s either out stock or the store has just closed. How frustrating is that?

With an online store, your shop never sleeps. People can browse your products even whilst you’re asleep at 2 AM or 2 PM, at their own convenience, and get it delivered right to their doorstep it’s a win for you and your customers. So it’s like having a store that’s open 24/7, and that’s the kind of service customers remember.

  • Data at Your Fingertips

Running a physical store, you may have a rough idea of what sells and what doesn’t and use feelings to guess if your business is thriving or not. But imagine if you had data at your fingertips, showing you exactly what’s popular amongst your customers, who’s buying, when they are buying, track the number of persons who visited your store, what they’re looking at, and even if they abandoned their shopping cart? This is where online businesses shine. They offer you all sorts of data and insights that can help you tailor your business strategy like a well-fitted suit, knowing what your customers want helps you buy and sell what they are more interested in, knowing who visited helps you understand your target audience more.

  • Flexibility and Agility

Life in Nigeria can be unpredictable, with the hike in fuel price, electricity issues, increased taxes and even unexpected lockdowns. Online stores are like chameleons in this aspect. They adapt quickly to change. If fuel is scarce or the price is increased, it doesn’t affect your digital presence. If the power goes out, you’ve got a phone and if your phone is running low you always have the option of a laptop or a power bank you can never be crippled from unexpected changes.

Remember when we mentioned the lockdown in 2020? While physical stores scrambled to stay afloat, some online businesses thrived. They didn’t need to worry about closing their doors because they never had any!

  • Easy Payment

Receive Payment easily through your preferred and local payment services directly into your bank account without hassle. You don’t need to be there physically to get paid, you can get paid anywhere you are in the world or in the comfort of your home.

  • No Physical Limitations

Physical stores have limitations when it comes to space and what they can offer. Your shop might be perfect for clothing, but can you fit a library, a furniture store, and a pet shop in there too?

With Online business, the only limits are your imagination and your ability to connect with suppliers. You can branch out into different products or services without worrying about physical space.

As we’ve finally opened up about our entrepreneurial struggles and the incredible benefits of taking your business online, it’s time to let you in on a secret that’s been revolutionizing the way business is done in Nigeria. So, lean in closer because we’re about to drop the bombshell!


Eki is the Solution

Eki, is the platform that’s changing the game for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. It’s your all-access pass to monetizing your skills, your products, and even your passion. If you thought your business world was already expanding, prepare for it to explode.

You see, Eki is designed to help you unleash the full potential of your business whether you’re offering physical products, digital goodies, or sharing your unique skills.

If you’re an entrepreneur with the trendiest clothes in town, a chef with mouthwatering recipes, a tech wizard with all the coding tricks, or any other kind of entrepreneur with something amazing to offer, Eki is your partner in crime. It’s the place where you can turn your passion into profit and enjoy all the benefits of being a digital-savvy entrepreneur. And the amazing thing is you can start from the comfort of your own home, with just your smartphone, building a sustainable income stream, and engaging with a world of potential customers. Now, let’s dive into how Eki’s incredible features are tailor-made for your entrepreneurial success!

  • Merchandising: For entrepreneurs with physical or digital products, Eki becomes your online shop. Showcase your goods, whether it’s unique jewelry, clothes or e-books on how to make the crispiest plantain chips. Eki’s integrated e-commerce makes buying easy for your customers, and let’s not forget, it all happens without the stress of your “regular business expenses”.
  • Live Streaming: Eki lets you connect with your audience in real-time. So whether you’re demonstrating how to make the perfect puff-puff or your jollof rice recipe or showing off your latest clothing collection for sale, you can engage with potential customers in a way that’ll leave you wondering how you ever did business without it.
  • Paid Subscription: Eki isn’t just about selling products; it’s about creating a loyal fan base. With subscription models, your dedicated followers can access your exclusive content or insights, and let’s not forget – they’ll be happily paying for it. Imagine earning from your secret jollof rice recipe or early access to your latest designs as a fashion designer!
  • Consulting Services: If you’re a pro in your field, Eki is the stage for you. Whether you’re a fitness guru, a tech genius, or a fashionista, you can offer consulting services to people who crave your wisdom. It’s a win-win situation; you get compensated for your expertise, and your clients get the guidance they’ve been searching for.

Eki is your sidekick in the journey to entrepreneurial success. It makes online business accessible and enjoyable for anyone, whether you’re selling handmade crafts, dishing out culinary expertise, or sharing your IT wizardry. Get on Eki, and let’s turn your passion into profit!

Now you’ve understood that you can survive the harsh realities of being an entrepreneur in Nigeria without flinching by setting up an online business instead, let’s get into how to set up your online business.


How to Set up your Online Business

Setting up an online business is a smart move, especially in today’s digital age. The good news is that you don’t need a huge budget or technical wizardry to get started all you need is your smart phone and a stable internet connection. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to set up your online business:

  • Find Your Niche: Start by identifying your area of interest or expertise. What kind of business are you going into, do you want to sell products, offer services, or share your knowledge as earlier mentioned?
  • Market Research: Investigate your target audience/ customers and competition. Understand what your potential customers need and what your competitors are offering, so you can give your customers a better offer.
  • Business Plan: Create a business plan outlining your business goals, target market, and your strategies.
  • Branding: Develop a brand identity. This includes your business name, logo, and overall aesthetic.
  • Setting up an Eki Store: By now, you’ve chosen your niche, understood your audience, built a business plan, conducted your research, and branded your business. It’s time to set up your online store, and you can easily do that by visiting www.ekilive.africa and then adding your products or services on Eki, make sure you Include high-quality images and detailed descriptions.
  • Shipping and Delivery: Decide on your shipping methods and costs if it’s a physical product. Be transparent with customers about delivery times.

Congratulations you have successfully launched your online business now you can start promoting it. Starting an online business might seem daunting, but with careful planning and dedication, it’s a feasible and potentially lucrative venture. Remember, success often comes with time and persistence, so keep learning and adapting as you go.

There you have it Entrepreneurs, don’t let the continuous dwindling Nigerian economy affect your business or continue to make you run at a loss, don’t let your skills, products, or ideas go to waste. Take the leap into the world of online entrepreneurship and start building your empire today. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, Eki is your ticket to success. Choose light today; choose Eki and experience entrepreneurship on a new level.

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